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Handwriting and Bookbinding
Chancery cursive (Italic) writing - letterform characteristics, techniques, methodologies, etc.
Humanistic letterform writing - letterform characteristics, techniques, methodologies, etc.
Book hand writing - letterform characteristics,techniques, methodologies, etc.
Binding single section hand written books - using commonly available materials and equipment

Roman Imperial coinage
Britannic Coinage of the first Tetrarchy AD 296-305 - includes the Invasion coinage of Constantius.

Vintage hand tools
Vintage Woodworking Hand Tools - my tool box and favorite hand tools.
Vintage Woodworking Hand Tools - North Bros. "Yankee" tools - includes Radio tools & tool sets.
Vintage Starrett tools (1880-1980) - guide and reference for identifying, categorizing and dating.

NihontĂ´ - the Japanese Samurai Sword
NihontĂ´ pages - featuring uchigatana mountings (koshirae).

Cactus and Succulent cultivation
Cactus & Succulent cultivation notes - Adapting to disabilities.

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