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The Semantic Web

Semantic Web iconAn overview of the Semantic Web. Online References and Resources. Go to Semantic Web page

Web Page Authoring FAQ

For beginning Web Developers who seek to produce and maintain their own hand written web pages that are interoperable, accessible and conform to established Web Standards. Go to the FAQ page.

Web Page Interoperability

Viewable in any browser icon Reliable Web Page function in all User Agents including graphical Browsers, Screen Readers and Search Engines. Go to the Interoperability page.

Web Content Accessibility (WCA)

Accessibility Wheelchair iconInformation and resources relating to Web Accessibility for all users including people with Disabilities. Go to the WCA page.

An overview of ISO-HTML

valid ISO-HTML logoThe International HTML Standard. Go to the ISO-HTML page.

Producing & Serving XHTML 1.0

Information relating to correctly producing and serving XHTML 1.0 Web Pages. Includes exemplar pages and numerous references. Go to the Producing & Serving XHTML 1.0 page.

Screen Readers

Information relating to use of screen users by web authors to produce optimally accessible pages. Go to the Screen Reader page.

HTML Editors

Comprehensive listings (some with evaluations) of HTML Editors that often can also be employed for writing CSS, PHP, XML, JS code, etc. Go to the HTML Editors Web page.


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Table free iconThis page validates as a HTML5 document served as content (MIME) type html/text. The character set is utf-8 (Unicode). The Markup is styled using CSS level 3. It also features RDF/XML for RSS Feed generation.

This is a Demonstration Page

HTML5 validated icon The Markup syntax for elements and attributes conforms to the rules of both HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0. - It is an HTML5 Polyglot Document.

HTML5 will have backward compatibility out of necessity - existing HTML and XHTML elements and attributes will be included in order to accommodate existing web pages.

This as a HTML5 Web Development tool

HTML5 polyglot documents enable Web Developers to copy and paste blocks of Markup from other documents written in either HTML or XHTML syntax without having to do any syntax converting for testing or modeling.

Page layout on this site

Much of the typewritten text content on the pages of this site is justified which, while producing a nicely balanced layout, results in occasional uneven white spacing between words.

Validation results for this page

W3C "Why Validate" Document
Strict Doctype used for Markup Validation.

Portal Link

Web Page Writer's Tool Kit page - PHP content negotiation using XHTML 1.0 (strict) Markup.


Tools and Utilities

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Other online Resources

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