The publication dates I include relate to the books in my personal collection.
There may be later editions available

BRAZIL AND ITS COLUMNAR CACTI - Dr. E. Werdermann, Abbey Garden Press, Pasadena, 1942.

KAKTEEN IN BRASILIEN/CACTI IN BRAZIL - Konrad Herm, Andreas Hofacker, Graham Charles, Werner van Heek, Bernhard Bohle, Dr. Willi Strecker, Gerhard Heimen. Published and copy righted by the authors. ISBN 3-00-007573-9.

SCHUMANNIA 3/2001 - Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten in Brasilien - Pierre J. Braun and Eddie Esteves Pereira. ISBN 3-89598-830-8.

CACTUS AND SUCCULENT JOURNAL, Vol. 81, May/June 2009, No. 3 - (The Cactus and Succulent Society of America) Special Issue: Eastern Brazil.

DISCOCACTUS - Buining, Succulenta, Venlo, 1985.

CACTI OF EASTERN BRAZIL - Nigel P. Taylor and Daniela C. Zappi, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, 2004.

THE NEW CACTUS LEXICON (ILLUSTRATIONS) - David Hunt, dh books, Milborne Port, 2013.

CACTUS CULTURE BASED ON BIOLOGY - Franz Buxbaum (translated by Vera Higgins), Blandford Press, 1958.

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