I first became interested in the cacti of eastern Brazil after I read BRAZIL AND ITS COLUMNAR CACTI by Dr. E. Werdermann many years ago. My first cultivated cactus from this region was a cutting of Arrojadoa penicillata that I purchased from Johnson Cactus Gardens, Paramount, California in 1964. In the same year I began growing various eastern Brazilian cacti from seed with Gil Tegelberg Jr. (Gil Sr. was my mentor) at their nursery in Lucerne Valley, California and many of my present day specimens are descendants of those plants. Since that time I have cultivated a wide array of these cacti mostly grown from seed, rooted offsets and cuttings harvested from my own plants and they remain my primary cactus growing interest.

Since moving into a small retirement Town Home (after living in a home with a large garden including a free standing greenhouse) my cactus collection has been housed at two different locations:

Town Home: mostly small growing eastern Brazilian cacti (selected Arrojadoa, Discocactus & Tacinga) that can be grown to maturity in 2¾" (7cm) and 3¼" (8.25cm) square plastic pots maintained on a windowsill or patio (on shelves under 30% shade cloth). I have also grown some selected species in our front garden patch.

Bach's Cactus Nursery (Tucson): When we moved into our Town Home, Dan (an old and dear friend) provided me benches (and adjacent floor space) in two of his commercial greenhouses to house any of my plants for as long as I wished. All of my other container grown cacti (various species) are there.

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