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Web Page Interoperability

Viewable in any Browser icon Reliable Web Page function in all User Agents including Graphical Browsers, Screen Readers and Search Engines Go to the Interoperability Page.

Web Content Accessibility (WCA)

Acessibility Wheelchair iconInformation and Resources relating to Web Accessibility for all users including people with Disabilities. Go to the WCA page.

Semantic Web References & Resources

Semantic Web icon Online References & Resources: RDFa - FOAF - GRDDL - Creative Commons. Go to the Semantic Web page

Web Page Creation FAQ

For Web Developers who seek to produce web pages that are interoperable, accessible and conform to established Web Standards. Go to the FAQ page.

Problems serving XHTML 1.0

Information relating to correctly producing and serving XHTML 1.0 Web Pages. Go to the Problems serving XHTML 1.0 page.

Screen Readers

Information relating to use of screen readers by web page visitors and their role in accessibility. Go to the Screen Reader page.

HTML Editors

Comprehensive listings (some with evaluations). Go to the HTML Editors Web page.

An overview of ISO-HTML

The HTML Standard implementation maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. Go to the ISO-HTML page.


Update Information

I have not performed any maintenance on this site in some time and therefor the content and link references on a few pages require updating. I am not able to re-write those pages at present, but I will do so shortly.

About this page

Table Free icon This page was composed using XHTML 1.0 (strict) Markup. It is served, using Content Negotiation (via PHP on the Server side), as Media type application/xhtml+xml to XML compliant Browsers and as Media type text/html to MSIE Browsers. The character set is utf-8 (Unicode). The Markup is styled using CSS level 3. It also features RDF/XML for Dublin Core Metadata and RSS Feed generation. This is an XHTML 1.0 (strict) demonstration page. I personally write my regular web pages using HTML 4.01 (strict) Markup and serve them as content type text/html.

Serving of this Page

You can use the HTTP Web-Sniffer facility provided by Lingo4you to view the HTTP Request and Response Header for a selection of user-agents (graphical browsers) and see how your web pages are being served. Following are examples of how this page is being served by a selection of typical graphical browsers:

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