Written small and suitable for use in everyday writing: letters, notes, cards, etc.

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Last updated: 18 June 2016


Chancery cursive (Italic) writing Introduction

Mostly relating to the letterforms I use based on those employed by Italian Renaissance writing masters Bennardino Cataneo and Vicentino Arrighi.
Go to the Introduction page

Chancery cursive (Italic) minuscule letterforms

Depictions of the essential letterform characteristics and constructs, etc. Go to the letterform Characteristics & construction page.

Rendering Swashed Italic Majuscules

Explains how I form each of my Swashed Italic letterforms. Illustrated using double point pen renditions. Go to my Rendering Swashed Italic Majuscule Letterforms page.

Chancery cursive (Italic) writing exemplars

Selected exemplars of my Chancery cursive writing that depict use of various types of pens, nibs, inks (including gouache) and papers. Go to my Chancery cursive (Italic) writing exemplars page.


Basic writing techniques & methodologies

Writing position, pen hold and guidelines, etc. Go to the Basic writing techniques & methodologies page

Practice and actual writing

Includes information relating to use of made-up double line writing devices in diagnosing letterform construction problems. Go to the Practice and actual writing page

Craft binding single section hand written books

For those who would like to bind some of their work - a method of binding single section hand written books using commonly available materials and without using specialized bookbinding tools and equipment. Go to the Craft binding single section hand written books page

Web site Message Board

I use this Board to post random notes, updates and additional information relating to all of my web pages. Visitors may post comments and requests for information, etc. Registration is not required to use the Board. Go to the Message Board


Roman Majuscule (Capital) Lettering

Classic Roman Capital Letterforms (Capitalis Monumentalis) which are at the Apex of the Hierarchy of scripts. Go to the Roman Majuscule (Capital) Lettering page.

Humanistic letterforms & writing

Humanistic minuscule (small Roman) and Majuscule (Capital) letterforms - the minuscule lettera antica of the Italian renaissance. Go to the Humanistic letterforms & writing page.

Bookhand writing

Featured here is a round hand derived from half-uncial letterforms which is notable for its roundness and evenness. Go to the Bookhand writing page

Humanistic writing exemplars

Selected exemplars of my Roman Majuscule, Humanistic, and Bookhand minuscule letterforms and writing. Go to my Humanistic writing exemplars page.

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