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Last updated: 1 May 2016



Letterforms based on those employed by the Italian Renaissance scribe Bernardino Cataneo in rendering his Chancery cursive hand and my adaptation of them.
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Letterform Characteristics & Construction

"n" values, determining pen nib widths, constructs, slope, spacing, Majuscule flourishing, etc. Go to the Letterform Characteristics & Construction page.

Chancery cursive writing using Fountain Pens

Employing "out of the box" fountain pens with "iridium tipped" nibs - notes relating to pen hold and nib selection. Go to the Chancery writing using Fountain Pens page.

Chancery cursive notes with scanned exemplars

Random Notes accompanied by Scanned exemplars that depict renditions using various types of pens, inks and papers. Go to the Chancery cursive notes with scanned Exemplars page.


Basic writing techniques & methodologies

Writing position, pen hold and guidelines, etc. References for left-handed writers. Go to the Basic writing techniques & methodologies page

Practice and actual writing

Edward Johnston's admonition: "Useful practice is the making of real things", development & preparation. Go to the Practice and actual Writing page.

Flourishing with panache

Go to my Flourishing exemplars page

Binding Hand Written books

A method of binding single section hand written books using commonly available materials and without using specialized bookbinding tools and equipment. Go to the binding hand written books page

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Humanistic letterforms

Humanistic minuscule (small Roman) and Majuscule (Capital) letter forms - the minuscule lettera antica of the Italian renaissance. Go to the Humanistic letterforms page.

Majuscules based on Roman Imperial Coin inscriptions

Capitalis Monumentalis lettering adapted by the coin engravers of the Roman Empire that provides excellent Majuscule models for use with Humanistic writing. Go to the Roman Imperial Coin Lettering page.

Bookhand writing

Featured here is a round hand derived from half-uncial letter forms which is notable for its roundness and evenness. Go to the Bookhand writing page

Humanistic and Bookhand scanned exemplars

Self explanatory scanned exemplars that depict mostly Humanistic and other round hand writing. Go to the Humanistic and Bookhand scanned exemplars page.