Lancaster Pattern Percussion rifle c. 1850 ~ 1870
(Plains rifle)

Last updated: 9 January 2017


Half stock Lancaster Pattern Percussion Rifle, .45" caliber
36" barrel length, brass furniture, double set trigger, maple stock

Octagonal barrel (7/8" across the flats) with soldered on under-rib, hickory ramrod with brass pipes
German silver front sight

Engraved lockplate, square nut nipple bolster, propriety double set trigger

Lockplate stamped LEMAN over LANCTR. PA
Barrel markings are much worn and unreadable

Buttstock shape - brass trigger guard & butt plate


This rifle shows evidence of having been extensively repaired during its lifetime.

It appears to have been (somewhat crudely) re-stocked - it may originally have had a full length stock.

The barrel under-rib and ramrod pipes do not appear to be original to the gun.

The trigger guard and double set trigger mechanism are of Leman manufacture.

The butt plate is of unknown manufacture and is recessed to accommodate a patch box.

Guns like this one were widely used by Farmers, Settlers, Prospectors, Fur Traders and Wagon Train migrants for hunting and protection on the American Frontier.

This gun is typical of those sold as Plains rifles by the the P. Chouteau & Company of St. Louis during this time period.


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