Roman Tetrarchic coin photoRoman Tetrarchic coin photoRoman Tetrarchic coin photoRoman Tetrarchic coin photo

The first Tetrarchs: Diocletian & Galerius -- Maximianus & Constantius


Historical Overview

Constantius Chlorus coin photo History of Roman Coinage in Britain: 43-410 AD. Secessionist Britain and the Coinage under the Usurper Augusti, Carausius & Allectus plus the "Invasion Coinage" of Constantius. Restoration of Britain to the Roman Empire by Constantius in 296 and the establishment of the official London Mint. Go to the Historical Overview Page.

Coin Composition, Mint Marks & Style

Diocletian coin photoComposition, mint marks and styling of the coinage produced by the London Mint 296-325 AD including summaries of coinage series and issues listed in RIC Volumes VI and VII (Londinium ~ London). The photographic exemplar illustrations include actual coin sizes and styling notations. Go to the Coin Composition, Mint Marks and Style Page.

The Tetrarchs & Imperial Claimants

Diocletian coin phto Establishment (296 AD), operation and production of the London Mint under the Tetrarchs and the subsequent Imperial Claimants until the death of Maximinus in 313 AD and the division of the Empire between Constantine and Licinius. Ref: THE ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE (RIC), Volume VI (Londinium). Go to the Tetrarchs and Imperial Claimants Page.

Constantine & Licinius

Constantine coin photo Continuation of the operation and production of the London Mint under Constantine and Licinius as co-Augusti (313 AD), and subsequently under Constantine as sole Augustus until the London Mint closure in 325 AD. Ref: THE ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE (RIC), Volume VII (London). Go to the Constantine and Licinius Page.

Roman Coin Inscriptional Lettering

Capitalis Monumentalis fragment exemplar Capitalis Monumentalis lettering in Ancient Rome and its modification and adaptation by the coin engravers of the Roman Empire with particular emphasis on folles produced by the London Mint. Includes lettering examples and numerous coin image exemplars. Go to the Roman Coin Inscriptional Lettering Page.

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Semantic data Extraction

Semantic data extraction of Roman coins of the London Mint 296-325 AD using the W3C extractor. The way to see the tabulated XML data is to use a Firefox Browser with The Tabulator Extension installed


I was born and grew up in the vicinity of Ribchester, the site of a Roman Auxiliary Fort (Bremetenacum Veteranorum), and in close proximity to York (Eboracum), the main Roman stronghold in the North of England. I developed a keen interest in the history of Roman Britain, including collecting associated coins, as a young boy and maintain that interest to this day.

Coin Photography

All photographs of coins used in the body of these web pages were taken by me using a Pentax Optio W10 digital camera (in Macro mode) attached to a mini tripod. Coins were placed on smooth black velvet cloth and illuminated by natural day light. Main exemplar photos were cropped and resized to 300x300 pixels using Pentax ACDsee software. All photos are "raw" and have not been enhanced or post-processed in any way.


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Core Reference Books

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World

This division of Bill Thayer's Web site is a monumental online reference resource for students of Ancient Rome. It includes a section devoted to Roman Britain -- of particular interest here is Bill Thayer's online copy of John Ward's informative and detailed Book (now in the Public Domain) The Roman Era in Britain and especially the Coins and Roman Britain page - no illustrations, but much useful information.

Kevan W. White's comprehensive reference resource for all things pertaining to Roman Britain. Link to go to the Web Site


De Imperatoribus Romanis offers this facility. There are two Stemmatas that are relevant here, The Stemmata of the Emperors of the Tetrarchy, and The Stemmata of the Neo-Flavian Emperors. Clicking on the individual boxes will produce a Biography of the selected personage and a comprehensive Bibliography.

London Mint data compilation

London Mint: AD 296-325 - Ken Elks' comprehensive resource that includes a link to his Obverse & Reverse types and Legends page.

RIC Volume VII (London Mint) Update

The London Mint 313-318 AD - A Preliminary Listing - Lee Toone's PDF update of RIC Volume VII (London Mint) coins.

WildWinds Coin Search

WildWinds - Popular resource that provides numerous exemplar coin photographs with sales data plus links to numerous coin Archives.