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Valid XHTML + RDFa This XHTML+RDFa Exemplar Page is served via content-negotiation (PHP on the Server side) as Content Type application/xhtml+xml with XML declaration to Browsers that recognize that MIME type and as Content Type text/html without XML declaration to Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers, which do not recognize the Content Type application/xhtml+xml.

Information relating to Internet Media Type "application/xhtml+xml" is in RFC3236.

I composed this page to illustrate the use of the XHTML+RDFa Doctype/DTD, and the syntax of three primary RDFa attributes | about | property | typeof | together with example FOAF and Creative Commons constructs -- for those who might want to experiment with creating XHTML+RDFa pages. Check the source code to observe the RDFa syntax and constructs.

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Author: James Pickering | Last Update: 2013-01-01 | Validation Results:

Note: RDFa elements not yet cataloged for the XML Schema Validator.

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FOAF example listing - link is to an RDF/XML document:

  • Bev Pick - Name.
  • Bev - Given Name.
  • Pick - Family Name.
  • Mrs - Title.

Install the Firefox Tabulator Extension to display the FOAF data tabulation.

Creative Commons License Example Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Attribution: As specified by the License holder (Usually the Web Page author).

Creative Commons license information can also be included using markup based on that of The Creative Commons Rights Expression Language -- attribution:

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