Plumb Claw Hammers were noteworthy for their quality and durability.

The Fayette R. Plumb Co. advertised its hammers, axes and hatchets aggressively with colorful, high quality ads. in numerous major national magazines throughout the 1920s & 193os. These ads. frequently highlighted the red mahogany stained hickory handles and black heads that distinctively identified their products.

Fayette R. Plumb and the companies he controlled had a rich history fron 1869 until somewhere between 1959 and 1971 when the Fayette R. Plumb Co. was sold and ceased to exist. That history is well documented on this nicely illustrated Web Page by YesterYears Tools.

The Fayette R. Plumb Co. also produced various other types of hammers, sledges, hatchets and axes of the highest quality, the latter being much favored by professional axemen for competition events. Specially made hatchets were used by Boy Scouts throughout the world.

Fayette R. Plumb Co. Claw Hammers were marked PLUMB within a rectangle stamped on one of the head cheeks:

Caption describes image

Caption describes image

The stamping was sometimes accompanied by the hammer weight in ounces or USA etc. outside the rectangle. A great variety of colorful decals were affixed to the handles but these quickly wore off in normal hammer use.

The much admired and distinctive red mahogany stained hickory handles ..........

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.......... sometimes broke under heavy usage and it is not unusual to find vintage hammers with replacement handles.

The Fayette R. Plumb Co. was patriotic in the way they decorated many of their products. A famous marking is the VICTORY stamping on the cheeks of some hammers -- accompanying the PLUMB stamp within the rectangle -- supposedly to commemorate the end of WWII.

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I have not been able to verify this story to date. The finish on the specimens I have examined -- including the one I own -- is not up to the usual PLUMB high standard. It is possible these hammers were manufactured in 1944-1945 in anticipation of the coming victory, however, that is just speculation.


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